Summer camps for children with disabilities, victims of violence and children from foster families, guardians, and low-income families.

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Campaign "Don't pass by!"

The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for current projects of the Children's Foundation of Latvia to help Latvian children and families.

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Against violence

Many children suffer from situations that do not depend on them but are created by those around them - parents, schoolmates, friends, and other peers.

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Talent for Latvia

In cooperation with Riga Latvian Society the competition is organized for young music school students from all over Latvia.

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Each year, the Foundation, in partnership with the American Latvian Association, grants scholarships to good and dedicated but low-income large families, low-income students, and orphaned students.

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It's a project for a child's life! To save the life of an unwanted child, the one who is not expected, not loved.

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Support to families

Every year, the Children's Foundation of Latvia supports, as far as possible, seriously ill children, large children, low-income families, needy families, families in crisis.

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Projects implemented by the Children's Foundation of Latvia under various financial instruments.

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Partners and supporters of the largest projects of the Children's Foundation of Latvia.

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How CAN YOU help?

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